Top 10 Sweet 16 Party Trends for 2017

Sweet 16 Party Trends for 2017


Top 10 Sweet 16 Party Trends for 2017

We discuss the TOP 10 Party Trends for Sweet 16 Parties in 2017!

Turning sixteen is a big deal. Not only are you halfway through your teen years, but you’re finally licensed and able to drive! If you’re really lucky, your parents might even gift you a car- or at least a key to one of theirs… Celebrate your big day in the most special day possible by incorporating one (or more!) of these hot Sweet 16 Party Trends!

10. Go-Carting.
Unless your child is the last of their friend group to turn the big 1-6, there will probably be at least a few 15 year olds at the big bash. While they may not be able to hit the open road on their own quite yet, they’ll be able to more than make up for it on the go-cart track! Invite boys and girls alike to experience the thrill of racing around before heading home or to the party room at the track for cake and presents!

9. Custom Favors.
Everyone likes to receive presents- even the party guests! When the party is drawing to a close, pass out
party favors that are specifically tailored to your child’s party guests. If their friend group never misses a concert, wish them well with a mixtape! If they can’t get enough of Sephora, give out lip glosses or lipstick pens!

8. Downtown Dinner.
It’s hard not to feel a little more classy and sophisticated on the morning of a birthday, especially when said birthday is your 16
th! Inviting all of the birthday girl’s best friends to a fancy dinner in the city will make the girls feel like they’re characters on Gossip Girl- and is sure to be a memory they bring up for weeks afterward!

7. Hotel Party.
Want to treat your daughter to a fabulous, sophisticated getaway without having to stray too far from home? Rent a hotel room downtown and let the fun begin! The birthday girl will have a blast ordering room service, playing in the pool, and staying up all night laughing with her besties! Bring some fun party decorations to set up in the room to really go the extra mile.

6. Co-Ed Dance Party.
High school dances often only happen a few times a year- so what’s a party girl to do?! Host your own blowout dance party and invite all of the birthday girl’s friends and classmates for a birthday that’s sure to be remembered for years to come. Make sure you have an awesome DJ or even a great playlist of your own for the most fun!

5. Flower Crowns.
If the birthday girl spends more time on tumblr than she does on her math homework, then DIY flower crowns might be right up her alley. With tons of tutorials across the web, it’s easy to become a hippie princess for an afternoon!

4. Tropical Party.
These are going to be huge in 2017! Cacti, pineapples, palm trees, and flamingos are all SUPER hot party ideas right now. Take just one element to focus on and plan your party around, or throw them a few together and create a
tropical paradise that rivals the Hawaiian Islands!

3. Scavenger Hunt.
Tons of 16 year olds are choosing to celebrate their big days with scavenger hunts this year, and it’s not hard to see why! They’re easily customizable and are SO much fun! Your list can be as easy or as challenging as the birthday girl wants. Have the last clue or item end somewhere where you can serve cake and rehash the day’s events!

2. Hashtag It.
Since most high schoolers are attached to their smartphones anyway, why not reap the benefits! Create a custom party hashtag that the guests can utilize when they’re posting on social media. It’s a fun and easy way to share party memories with friends, as well as a good way to preserve memories.

1. Word/Number Balloons.
Far and away, the hottest sweet sixteen party trends for 2017 are
word and number balloons. Coming in a range of metallic colors, they’re a fun, sassy, and cute addition to any birthday celebration. Whether you order “16”, “Happy Birthday” or “Sweet 16” balloons, your birthday girl and her friends will LOVE having an impromptu photo shoot with these popular balloons!

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