Sweet 16 Sleepover Movie Ideas

Sweet 16 Movie Ideas


Whether you’re looking for the perfect movie(s) for a girls-only sleepover bash or you want something playing in the background as you gossip about the success of your Glowing Sweet 16 dance party, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the BEST movies to celebrate your Sweet 16 with! Now… Where’s the popcorn?!

1. Sixteen Candles. Birthday girl Sam lives out all of our nightmares when her ENTIRE family forgets her Sweet 16! As if that isn’t bad enough, a geeky underclassman won’t leave her alone and her dream boy has no idea she exists! While your big day will be MUCH better, you’ll definitely love finding out how hers ends!

2. Mean Girls. Cady used to live in the jungle with her zoologist parents. When she moves to Illinois and enrolls in a high school ruled by the A-list Plastics, she wonders if “Girl World” is really so different than the animal kingdom! When Cady falls for queen bee Regina George’s ex-boyfriend, major hijinks occur!

3. Clueless. Nineties fashion and cute boys galore- what more could you want out of a chick flick?! Oh yeah, a major makeover moment! This movie follows Cher and her BFF Dion as they give new student Tai a fab new look. The only problem? The whole thing seems to backfire on Cher in a major way! You’ll have to watch to find out what happens…

4. Bring it On. One word: cheerleaders! If you and your girlfriends love cheer, then this is the movie for you! New cheer captain Torrance soon discovers that the sizzling hot routines her squad has been winning competition after competition with are STOLEN! Will she and her team pull through to win the championship despite the setbacks? Or will the true routine’s owners show up and show off? Only one way to find out! Bring. It. On!

5. Legally Blonde. After being dumped by her perfect boyfriend Warner, sorority girl Elle Woods decides to come up with a foolproof plan to win him back. Against the odds, Elle secures her admission to Harvard Law School. With phase one complete, Elle begins classes- and soon realizes that she doesn’t need a man to make her dreams come true. When a case comes up that only Elle can win, it’s time for her to put herself to the test!

17 Again. Have you ever wished you could have a do-over? Well, that’s exactly what Mike O’Donnell was hoping for- right before he was transported back to being 17 again! With his wife and kids on the line, Mike (played by Zach Efron, swoon!) has to figure out why he was given his second chance and to decide once and for all if he’s made the right decisions.

Princess Diaries. Mia Thermopolis is an average 16 year-old girl with a secret- she’s the heir to a small European nation! While it’s true that your parents probably won’t buy you a country for your birthday, it sure is fun to imagine while watching this movie! Mia has to decide whether or not she will accept her role in the monarchy, all while navigating normal teen drama- and you thought your high school was hard!

8. Easy A.
Quirky teen Olive experiences just how quickly rumors can spread in high school. After telling her best friend a lie about losing her virginity (and is overheard by the school’s nosy goody two-shoes), chaos ensues. Olive embarks on a wild journey to win back her reputation, involving a nutty guidance counselor, a webcam broadcast, and a guy in a woodchuck costume.

9. 13 Going on 30.
All 13 year-old Jenna wants is to be thirty and flirty and thriving! But when she gets exactly what she had hoped for, she realizes that you should be careful what you wish for. Being a full-blown adult isn’t as easy or fun as it looks, and Jenna soon finds herself wishing she hadn’t grown up so quickly!

10. A Cinderella Story.
Sam is a modern day Cinderella! Her dad passed away when she was young, and she grows up with an evil stepmother along two evil stepsisters. Sam’s life may seem miserable, but the email relationship that she starts with a mystery guy soon changes everything. At the Halloween dance, she has a magical night with her secret crush- until she realizes that he’s the most popular guy in school and begins to worry that he won’t like her for her!

11. Wild Child.
When spoiled Malibu princess Poppy pushes her dad a little too far, he sends her off to boarding school… In England! While Poppy is certain that her life is ruined, a run-in with the headmistress’s son soon makes her reconsider. With a plan already set in motion to get herself expelled, is it too late for her to have a change of heart?

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