Sweet 16 Gift Ideas the Birthday Girl will LOVE

Sweet 16 Birthday Presents the Birthday Girl will LOVE


Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Sixteenth birthday present ideas that are perfect for your birthday girl!

The quintessential gift most often thought of when a Sweet 16 th birthday comes to mind is a car. The birthday girl has generally just gotten their license, and is looking forward to hitting the open road, so what better way to celebrate their biggest milestone to date than by giving them a car! At the same time, there are many reasons why parents choose not to get their children cars on their sixteenth birthday. Due to this, we’ve come up with a list of alternative presents that will be big hits with your birthday girl just the same!

A key to one of the family cars.
If you unable or not willing to buy your newly minted 16 year-old their very own car, gifting them a key to one of your family cars is a great alternative! This gift is thoughtful and will make your child feel both special and more responsible at the same time!

Fun Wallet.
With a brand spankin’ new driver’s license, your birthday princess is going to need somewhere cute to store her identification! A pretty wallet is a great gift for a 16
th birthday because it is both practical and exciting- and symbolizes your child growing up!

Ear Buds.
Since almost all teens are attached to their smartphones nowadays, it makes total sense to get them a great pair of headphones! Ear buds come in all sorts of types, styles, and colors- it’s super easy to find a pair that will be totally perfect for your special birthday girl!

Who doesn’t love to receive flowers?! We’ve yet to run across a birthday girl! Many teens haven’t gotten to experience the special feeling that comes along with being surprised by beautiful flowers! Find out what her favorite kind is, or just go with roses (never a wrong choice!). As an extra special touch, have them sent to her at school so that all of her friends can ooh and ahh alongside her!

Nice Jewelry.
Your daughter is likely only becoming more and more responsible with each passing year. Gifting a nice piece of jewelry such as diamond studs or a pearl necklace is a wonderful way to commemorate this milestone birthday! She’ll be able to wear a small, pretty piece for years to come, and it will always remind her of her special birthday and the special person who gave it to her!

Concert Tickets.
If you’d rather spend your money on purchasing your child an experience instead of a material gift, giving them tickets to their favorite artist when they next come to town is another awesome option. Let them take a best friend, and they’ll surely make memories that they’ll cherish forever! And have you to thank!

A Great Book.
If your birthday girl also moonlights as a total bookworm, giving her a great coming of age story is a fabulous gift for a 16
th birthday. Teen years can be totally confusing and full of questions and angst- something that a wonderful book can often help out with!

New Driver Kit.
Whether or not you gift the birthday girl her own car, a key to the family car, or just let her get her license, you can’t go wrong with giving her a new driver kit!
She’ll be so excited to unwrap all the goodies you place inside. Fill the kit with essentials like a small first aid kit, lip gloss, a multipurpose tool, snack, emergency money, a nail file, mini-flashlight, and more!

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